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Architecture Board Policies and Procedures ABPSC 41
Automated Enhancement Points AEP 0
Action Language for Foundational UML ALF 9
Alert Management Service ALMAS 13
Asynchronous Method Invocation for CCM AMI4CCM 1
Archetype Modeling Language AML 0
APIs for Knowledge Platforms API4KP 6
Application Instrumentation APP-INST 0
UML Profile for Archimate ARCH 14
Automated Source Code Data Protection Measure ASCDPM 0
Automated Source Code CISQ Top 21 Maintainability Measure ASCMM 2
Automated Source Code CISQ Top 15 Performance Efficiency Measure ASCPEM 0
Automated Source Code Quality Measures ASCQM 0
Automated Source Code CISQ Top 29 Reliability Measure ASCRM 0
Automated Source Code Resource Sustainability Measure ASCRSM 0
Automated Source Code Security Measure ASCSM 0
Automated Technical Debt Measure ATDM 1
Automated Technical Debt Measure V2 ATDM2 1
Business Architecture Core Metamodel BACM 32
BPM+ Knowledge Package Model and Notation BKPMN 32
Business Motivation Model BMM 25
Business Process Model And Notation BPMN 464
UML Profile for BPMN Processes BPMNProfile 0
Command and Control Interface for Navigation Systems C2INAV 4
Command and Control Message Specification C2MS 119
Case Management Model and Notation CMMN 10
Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA 434
C++ Language Mapping CPP 86
IDL to C++11 Language Mapping CPP11 13
CubeSat System Reference Model Profile CSRM 1
Common Terminology Services 2 CTS2 13
Commons Ontology Library Commons 1
Dependability Assurance Framework For Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices DAF 3
Diagram Definition DD 493
Data Distribution Service DDS 481
DDS Consolidated JSON Syntax DDS-JSON 1
Java 5 Language PSM for DDS DDS-Java 18
ISO/IEC C++ 2003 Language DDS PSM DDS-PSM-Cxx 83
DDS Extensions for Time Sensitive Networking DDS-TSN 2
Web-Enabled DDS™ DDS-WEB 3
DDS Consolidated XML Syntax DDS-XML 5
DDS For Extremely Resource Constrained Environments DDS-XRCE 3
Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types for DDS DDS-XTypes 64
DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol DDSI-RTPS 35
Decision Model and Notation DMN 93
Distributed Ontology, Model, and Specification Language DOL 2
Digital Receipt API DRAPI 0
Date-Time Vocabulary DTV 4
FIBO Business Entities EDMC-FIBO/BE 3
FIBO Financial Business And Commerce EDMC-FIBO/FBC 13
FIBO Foundations EDMC-FIBO/FND 4
FIBO Indices And Indicators EDMC-FIBO/IND 0
Essence Essence 2
FACE Profile for UAF FACE 8
FACE Profile V2 FACEv2 0
Financial Instrument Global Identifier FIGI 4
Finite State Machine Component for RTC FSM4RTC 0
Semantics of a Foundational Subset for Executable UML Models FUML 2
Ground Equipment Monitoring Service GEMS 27
UML Profile For GRA GRA-UML 2
Hardware Abstraction Layer For Robotic Technology HAL4RT 35
Interface Definition Language IDL 150
IDL4 to C++ Language Mapping IDL4-CPP 52
IDL4 to C# Language Mapping IDL4-CSHARP 9
IDL4 to Java Language Mapping IDL4-Java 19
IEF Reference Architecture IEF-RA 0
Information Exchange Packaging Policy Vocabulary IEPPV 0
Implementation Pattern Metamodel for Software Systems IPMSS 0
Knowledge Discovery Metamodel KDM 17
Kernel Modeling Language KerML 242
Languages, Countries And Codes LCC 6
UML Profile for MARTE MARTE 2
Model Driven Message Interoperability MDMI 65
Metamodel Extension Facility MEF 0
Meta Object Facility MOF 128
MOF to RDF Mapping MOF2RDF 2
Multiple Vocabulary Facility MVF 13
UML Profile for NIEM NIEM-UML 0
Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard OARIS 52
Object Constraint Language OCL 223
Ontology Definition Metamodel ODM 102
Pedigree and Provenance Model and Notation PPMN 80
Production Rule Representation PRR 4
Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures PSCS 0
Precise Semantics of UML State Machines PSSM 25
Precise Semantics for Uncertainty Modeling PSUM 8
MOF Query/View/Transformation QVT 61
Risk Analysis and Assessment Modeling Language RAAML 18
RUBY CORBA Language Mapping RCLM 1
Records Management Service RMS 49
Robotic Service Ontology ROSO 0
Requirements Interchange Format ReqIF 5
Robotic Interaction Service RoIS 0
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel SACM 4
Semantics Of Business Vocabulary And Rules SBVR 67
Specification Common Elements SCE 42
Shared Data Model and Notation SDMN 58
Simplified Electronic Notation for Sensor Reporting SENSR 0
Software Fault Pattern Metamodel SFPM 0
Structured Metrics Metamodel SMM 0
Satellite Operations Language Metamodel SOLM 5
Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard SPMS 8
Space Telecommunications Interface STI 5
Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language SoaML 74
OMG System Modeling Language SysML 756
SysML Physical Interaction And Signal Flow Simulation SysPISF 0
SysML Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation SysPhS 33
Systems Modeling API and Services SystemsModelingAPI 47
TACSIT Controller Interface TCI 48
Tactical Decision Aids Interface TDAI 0
Tools Output Integration Framework TOIF 2
UML Profile for Telecommunication Services TelcoML 0
Test Information Interchange Formal TestIF 27
Unified Architecture Framework UAF 136
Unified Component Model for Distributed, Real-Time and Embedded Systems UCM 7
Unified Modeling Language UML 852
Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF UPDM 552
Unified POS UPOS 38
UML Profile for ROSETTA UPR 2
UML Testing Profile 2 UTP2 23
Value Delivery Modeling Language VDML 4
Arts Xml Video Analytics VIDEOANALYTICS 0
Web Services for Point of Sale WS-POS 0
XML Metadata Interchange XMI 140
XML Telemetric & Command Exchange Format XTCE 79
XTCE US Govt Satellite Conformance Profile XUSP 20