OMG Revision and Finalisation Task Forces (RTFs and FTFs)

  • Task Forces Count: 96
  • Issues Count: 4107

This page contains links to Issue Pages for which there is an active Finalization or Revision process underway to address filed issues. No entry on this page for a specific specification or adopted submission means that either no issues have been filed against it or that there is not an active F/RTF to address those issues.

Active Mailing Lists
Title Name Open Issues
Unclassified Issues unclassified 130
OMG Process Change Management sub-committee abpsc 36
Automated Enhancement Points 1.1 Revision Task Force aep-rtf 0
Action Language for fUML 1.2 (ALF) Revision Task Force alf-rtf 9
ALMAS 1.4 RTF mailing list almas-rtf 9
APIs for Knowledge Platforms 1.1 RTF api4kp-rtf 3
Application Instrumentation 1.1 Revision Task Force app-inst-rtf 0
Automated Source Code Maintainability Measure 1.1 Revision Task Force ascmm-rtf 2
Automated Source Code Performance Efficiency Measure 1.1 Revision Task Force ascpem-rtf 0
Automated Source Code Reliability Measure 1.1 Revision Task Force ascrm-rtf 0
Automated Source Code Resource Sustainability Measure (ASCRSM) 1.0 FTF ascrsm-ftf 0
Automated Source Code Security Measure 1.1 Revision Task Force ascsm-rtf 0
Automated Technical Debt Measure V 2 1.0 Finalization Task Force atdm-v2-ftf 13
Business Architecture Core Metamodel 1.1 Revision Task Force bacm-rtf 17
BPM+ Knowledge Package Model and Notation 1.0 Finalization Task Force bkpmn-ftf 28
Business Motivation Model specification 1.5 Revision Task Force bmm-rtf 25
UML Profile for BPMN 2 Processes 1.1 RTF bpmnprofile-rtf 0
Command and Control Interface for Navigation Systems (C2INav) 1.3 Revision Task Force c2inav-rtf 3
Command and Mission Control Message Specification (C2MS) 1.1 Revision Task Force c2ms-rtf 95
Commons Ontology Library (Commons) 1.2 RTF cmns-rtf 0
Core 3.5 Revision Task Force corba-rtf 450
CubeSat Reference Model 1.1 Revision Task Force mailing list csrm-rtf 5
Diagram Definition 1.2 Revision Task Force dd-rtf 6
DDS Consolidated JSON Synax (DDS-JSON) 1.1 RTF dds-json-rtf 1
DDS-OPCUA 1.1 Revision Task Force dds-opcua-rtf 3
DDS PSM Cxx v1.1 Revision Task Force. This RTF has been re-chartered at the Boston 2018 meeting. dds-psm-cxx-rtf 83
DDS PSM Java v1.1 Revision Task Force dds-psm-java-rtf 18
Remote Procedure Call over DDS 1.1 Revision Task Force dds-rpc-rtf 5
Data Distribution Service 1.5 RTF dds-rtf5 129
DDS Security 1.2 Revision Task Force dds-security-rtf 101
DDS Extensions for Time Sensitive Networking (DDS-TSN) 1.0 FTF dds-tsn-ftf 0
DDS Consolidated XML Syntax (DDS-XML) 1.1 RTF dds-xml-rtf 5
DDS-XRCE 1.1 RTF mailing list dds-xrce-rtf 3
DDS XTypes 1.4 Revision Task Force dds-xtypes-rtf 59
DDSI-RTPS 2.6 RTF mailing list ddsi-rtps-rtf6 32
Digital Receipt API Specification 1.0 Finalization Task Force digital-receipt-api-ftf 0
Decision Modeling and Notation 1.5 Revision Task Force dmn-rtf 88
Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specigication Language (DOL1.1 RTF) mailing list dol-rtf 2
Essence - Kernel & Language for Software Engineering Methods 1.3 RTF essence-rtf 2
Mailing list of the FACE Profile (FACE) 2.0 FTF (*) face-2-0-ftf 0
FACE Profile for UAF (FACE) 1.1 RTF face-uaf-rtf 8
Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) 1.1 RTF figi-rtf 3
GEMS 1.6 Revision Task Force mailing list gems-rtf 26
IDL4 to C++ Language Mapping (IDL4-CPP) Finalization Task Force idl4-cpp-ftf 17
IDL4 to C# Language Mapping (IDL4-CSHARP) 1.1 RTF mailing list idl4-csharp-rtf 10
Mailing list of the IDL4 to Java Language Mapping (IDL4-Java) 1.1 RTF (*) idl4-java-rtf 19
IDL 4.3 Revision Task Force idl43-rtf 64
Information Exchange Packaging Policy Vocabulary 1.1 RTF ieppv-rtf 0
Kernel Modeling Language (KerML) 1.0 FTF kerml-ftf 170
Languages, Countries and Codes Specification 1.2 RTF lcc-rtf 7
UML Profile for MARTE 1.4 Revision Task Force marte-rtf 2
MOF 2.6 Revision Task Force mof2core-rtf 41
MOF to RDF 1.1 RTF mailing list mof2rdf-rtf 2
XMI 2.6 Revision Task Force mof2xmi-rtf 6
Multiple Vocabulary Facility (MVF) 1.1 RTF mvf-rtf 4
Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard 2.0 (OARIS) 1.1 Revision Task Force mailing list oaris-2-rtf 41
Open Architecture RADAR Interface Standard (OARIS) 3.0 Finalization Task Force oaris-3-0-ftf 3
OCL 2.5 Revision Task Force ocl2-rtf 224
Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) 1.2 Revision Task Force odm-rtf 102
Pedigree and Provenance Model and Notation (PPMN) Finalization Task Force 2 ppmn-ftf 79
PSSM 1.1 Revision Task Force pssm-rtf 25
Precise Semantics for Uncertainty Modeling 1.0 FTF psum-ftf 3
MOF QVT 1.3 Revision Task Force qvt-rtf 68
Risk Analysis and Assessment Modeling Language (RAAML) Revision Task Force raaml-rtf 17
Requirements Interchange Format V1.2 (ReqIF) Revision Task Force reqif-rtf 4
UnifiedPOS (UPOS) 1.15.1 Revision Task Force retail-up115-rtf 35
UnifiedPOS 1.16.1 Revision Task Force retail-up116-rtf 2
Robotic Service Ontology 1.0 Finalization Task Force roso-ftf 0
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM) 1.2 Revision Task Force sacm-rtf 0
SACM 2.4 RTF mailing list sacm24-rtf 4
Semantics of Business Vocabulary & Business Rules 1.6 Revision Task Force sbvr-rtf 67
Specification Common Elements (SSCE) 1.0 Finalization Task Force mailing list sce-ftf 39
Situational Data Model and Notation (SDMN) Finalization Task Force sdmn-ftf 40
Simlified Electronic Notation for Sensor Reporting 1.1 RTF sensr-rtf 0
Semantics of Software Fault Pattern Metamodel (SFPM) 1.0 Finalization Task Force 2 sfpm-ftf 19
Software Fault Pattern Metamodel 1.1 RTF sfpm-rtf 0
Satellite Operations Language Metamodel (SOLM) 1.1 RTF mailing list solm-rtf 4
Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard (SPMS) 1.2 Revision Task Force spms-rtf 0
Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) 1.1 RTF sti-rtf 4
Systems Modeling Language (SysML) 2.0 FTF sysml-v2-ftf 364
Systems Modeling API and Services 1.0 FTF sysmod-api-ftf 23
SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation (SysPhS) 1.1 RTF sysphs-rtf 33
TACSIT Controller Interface 1.2 Revision Task Force tacsit-rtf 48
Tactical Decision Aids Interface 1.0 Finalization Task Force 2 tdai-ftf 18
TestIF 1.1 Revision task Force testif-rtf 27
TACSIT Data Exchange 1.0 Finalization Task Force 2 tex-ftf 5
TACSIT Data Exchange 1.2 Revision Task Force tex-rtf 0
TOIF 1.4 RTF mailing list toif-rtf 2
Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) 1.3 Revision Task Force uaf-rtf 100
Unified Component Model 1.3 Revision Task Force ucm-rtf 7
UML 2.6 Revision Task Force uml2-rtf 791
UPDM 2.2 Revision Task Force updm-2-0-rtf 69
UML Profile for ROSETTA (UPR) 1.1 RTF upr-rtf 1
VDML 1.1 Revision Task Force vdml-rtf 4
Web-enabled DDS 1.1 Revision Task Force webdds-rtf 3
XTCE 1.3 Revision Task Force mailing list xtce-rtf 72
XTCE US Government Satellite Conformance Profile 1.0 (XUSP) Revision Task Force xusp-rtf 19