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OARIS11 — Inconsistent content in cued_search_report_type

  • Key: OARIS11-25
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: BAE SYSTEMS ( Simon Mettrick)
  • Summary:

    IDLStruct cued_search_report_type is defined as an optional sensor track id. However sequence diagrams for the Perform Cued Search use case have notes that expect a possibly zero length list of track ids to be returned.

  • Reported: OARIS 1.0 — Thu, 4 Oct 2018 10:32 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — OARIS 1.1
  • Disposition Summary:

    Update diagrams to refer to an optional sensor track id

    It is not clear that returning a list of track ids is desirable. In particular it is not clear in general that a sensor would be aware as to when the list was complete.
    Therefore the interface method should stay the same but the behavioural model should allow for multiple responses. Subsystems may only implement sending a single response; CMS components may choose to process just the first or each one (and possibly overwrite).

  • Updated: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 19:49 GMT