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OARIS-85 Typo fixes OARIS 1.0 open

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Typo fixes

  • Key: OARIS-85
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Airbus Group ( Mr. Oliver M. Kellogg)
  • Summary:

    These findings target the OARIS 2.0 Initial Submission.

    Replace unque by unique :
    Fig. 7.40 association from measurement_element_match_type to measurement_element_type


    Unknown macro: {set is unque for each instance}

    Replace activtiy by activity
    in Figures 7.41, 7.44, 7.54 association from platform_type to platform_activity_type

    Replace discete by discrete :
    Table 7.115 2nd row 2nd column (Notes)

    The semantics of the ordering of the elements of the
    discete distribution

    Replace transmision_mode by transmission_mode :
    Table 7.145 last row first column (Attribute)
    Figure 7.50 «idlStruct» transmission_sector_type last attribute

    Replace perfomance_bin_type by performance_bin_type :
    Figure 7.51 «idlStruct» perfomance_bin_type perfomance_bin_type
    Table 7.157 Attributes of IDLStruct perfomance_bin_type

    Replace initation by initiation :
    Table 7.1642nd row 2nd column (Notes)

    Track initation on external request (e.g. from CMS)

    Replace initiatied by initiated :
    Table 7.165 continuation (page 144) 2nd row 2nd column (Notes)

    initiation_mode initiation_mode_type [0..1] Initiation mode of track (automatic or externally

    Replace configuraiton_url} by {{configuration_url :
    page 159 bottom table Method change_physical_configuration Parameters

    request_id_type request_id

    Replace acccepted by accepted :
    Figure 7.95 note at bottom right

    = true

    Replace metod by method :
    Page 197 top table Method battle_override_setting Notes

    This metod is used by the subsystem

    Replace Altenative by Alternative :
    Table 7.103 sequence diagram box label in upper left corner

    alt Altenative Flows

    Replace plot_concentratrion by plot_concentration :
    Section first table Method receive_plot_concentration() Parameters

    request_id_type request_id

    Replace subystem by subsystem :
    Section first table Method receive_periodic_clutter_assessment Notes

    Interface used by CMS to receive
    periodic clutter assessment reports
    from the subystem.

    Replace Ammendment by Amendment :
    Figure 7.117 loop

    [Ammendment Required]

    Replace authorative by authoritative :
    Page 226 bottom table every row of column Notes

    The CMS [de]selects [...] match[es] as being the
    authorative assessment for the sensor track

    Replace masterhip by mastership :
    Figure 7.143 Alternative Flow [...] loss of masterhip
    Figure 7.145 Alternative Flow [...] loss of masterhip

    Replace Susbystem by Subsystem :
    Figure 7.153 alt Unsuccessful Request

    [Susbystem unable to calculate requested nominal performance]

    Replace encouters by encounters :
    Figure 7.155 alt Unsuccessful Request

    [Subsystem encouters an irrecoverable error condition [...]

    Replace Ackowledgement by Acknowledgement :
    Figure 7.157 alt Negative Acknowledgement

    [Subsystem processing produces [...] after initial positive Ackowledgement]

    Replace succesfull by succesfully :
    Figure 7.171 sequence diagram inner box label

    opt target succesfull acquired

    Replace fulfil by fulfill (American English) : page 278 2nd-to-last sentence on page

    If the radar may not fulfil the illumination request, [...] middle of page 284 standalone sentence

    If the radar may not fulfil the uplink request, this is reported [...]

    Globally replace splotting by spotting :

    • Page 286 confirm_reposition_splash_splotting, receive_splash_splotting_area_position, receive_splash_splotting_area_track
    • Page 288 receive_splash_splotting_area_position
    • Page 289 confirm_reposition_splash_splotting_area, receive_splash_splotting_area_track
    • Page 290 Figure 7.184 Perform Splash Spotting - Report On Splash Splotting
  • Reported: OARIS 1.0 — Sat, 15 Feb 2020 20:30 GMT
  • Updated: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 15:55 GMT