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MOF2I2 — Translation between EMOF and CMOF in MOF 2.0

  • Key: MOF2I2-42
  • Legacy Issue Number: 7647
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Anonymous
  • Summary:

    I am reading the "Meta Object Facility (MOF) 2.0 Core Specification"
    document ptc/03-10-04. In the section about EMOF, there is the statement
    "The value of Essential MOF is that it provides a straightforward
    framework for mapping MOF models to
    implementations such as JMI and XMI for simple metamodels." From that
    statement, I inferred that the reason that EMOF exists is largely to
    define XMI 2.0 and (hypothetically) JMI 2.0. In particular, it seemed
    from reading the EMOF introduction that the XMI 2.0 and JMI 2.0
    specifications would depend only on EMOF (and NOT depend on CMOF).

    However, when I read the XMI 2.0 spec., it specifically provides
    mappings for features in CMOF that aren't in EMOF, so
    implementing/understanding EMOF is not enough to implement/understand
    XMI 2.0. There is no JMI 2.0 specification yet, but it seems likely that
    the case would be the same as with XMI 2.0. Therefore, it is not clear
    to me what the purpose of EMOF is. When is using EMOF more appropriate
    than using CMOF?

    Are there any examples of complete EMOF models? In particular, does
    anybody have the EMOF model defined as an instance of itself, as an XMI
    document? I could only find the EMOF model defined as an instance of
    CMOF. And finally, is it possible to represent the (merged) CMOF model
    as an instance of the EMOF model (useful for bootstrapping)?

    Finally, is there a well-defined mapping between EMOF and CMOF? That is,
    how can I convert an instance of the EMOF model to an instance of the
    CMOF model, and vice versa?

  • Reported: MOF2I 2.0b1 — Fri, 13 Aug 2004 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — MOF2I 2.0
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