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MARTE — Section: Annex A: AADL-like models with MARTE

  • Key: MARTE-94
  • Legacy Issue Number: 11848
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: THALES ( Madeleine Faugere)
  • Summary:

    INTRODUCTION (to the following eigth issues) The section “AADL-like models with MARTE” in annex A: “Guidance example for use of MARTE” contains a mapping of UML concepts and stereotypes from MARTE and SysML to AADL metaclasses. The mapping is, in principle, a partial subset that was specified under the following considerations: 1. A UML native concept is used when it is considered expressive enough to represent an AADL concept (e.g., AADL Modes maps to UML State Machines). 2. Else, a MARTE concept is adopted (e.g., MARTE hwBus & hwDevice represents AADL Bus and Device). 3. If neither UML nor MARTE extensions have the corresponding AADL concept, SysML extensions are used (e.g., SysML Block represents AADL System). 4. Otherwise, new stereotypes are proposed in this annex (e.g., subprogram & port-group stereotypes to represents the corresponding AADL concepts). 5. Properties defined in the Predeclared Property Set of the AADL spec. are annotated in a UML Note stereotyped as “properties”. This section also provides some examples illustrating the use of UML (+MARTE+SysML) in order to specify AADL models. Some issues rise from this approach: [MARTE-AADL Issue 1] One general question is the scope of this annex. Either it will keep its “guidance” nature, providing a subset of mapping cases only, or it will provide a more formal mapping covering all AADL concepts and properties. Following a meeting with Peter Feiler (a core AADL author), the goal is to provide a full UML profile for AADL. If the approach turns towards the second option (full support), a more careful exploration of AADL concepts should be done. This means that this annex should guarantee that all the AADL metaclasses are mapped and that, at least, the predeclared AADL property set is supported. The SAE AADL committee supports a full UML profile of AADL. The committee would prefer to have it defined in the context of MARTE rather than a separate UML profile. A draft of a UML profile for AADL exclusively defined in terms of UML exists. This document can be harvested for the MARTE-based profile definition for AADL, e.g., for stereo type names and graphical symbol definitions

  • Reported: MARTE 1.0b1 — Fri, 21 Dec 2007 05:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — MARTE 1.0b2
  • Disposition Summary:

    In agreement with Peter Feiler from the SAE, MARTE will provide a full support to the AADL language, meaning that all AADL concepts and properties will be supported by MARTE. Annex A provides "guidelines" explaining and illustrating the use of MARTE for modeling and analysis of AADL applications.
    AADL-MARTE Concept alignment will be addressed by this issue; AADL pre-declared property set alignment will be addressed by issue #11582 and property language alignment with issue #11583.
    A proposed way of using MARTE with different abstraction levels is proposed in issue #11851, differencing design, software platform allocation, and hardware platform allocation phases and concepts. In addition to these refinement processes, analysis views providing specific and reusable analysis information are provided.
    The following table proposes a mapping between AADL and MARTE concepts, without introducing new MARTE concepts (stereotypes) in the annex.

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