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IDL43 — Remove the bifuration of basic and full inetrfaces

  • Key: IDL43-52
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Objective Interface Systems ( Mr. Chuck Abbott)
  • Summary:

    Since IDL is a specification language why have an IDL interface that cannot define data types it wishes to encapsulate and use as parameters for methods and attribute types? It looks like someone had a programming language in mind. I guess in the end the reason I think basic interfaces are a bad idea is that they can only be identified heuristically. The absence of contained types is a poor indicator of the IDL authors intent regarding whether the interface is basic or not.

  • Reported: IDL 4.2 — Wed, 8 Sep 2021 14:55 GMT
  • Updated: Wed, 8 Sep 2021 14:55 GMT