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DDSXTY13 — Incomplete application of issue DDSXTY12-18 resolution

  • Key: DDSXTY13-24
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Real-Time Innovations ( Dr. Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Ph.D.)
  • Summary:

    The resolution of DDSXTY12-18 was not applied correctly to section In Section (DataRepresentationQosPolicy: Conceptual Model).

    According to that resolution the bullet below:

    • Readers belonging to implementations of XTYPES version 1.2 and later:

    Should appear directly above the 3 sub-bullets that start with:

      • Shall generate or include run-time code that can deserialize version 2 encodings.

    However in the final document that bullet is missing.

  • Reported: DDS-XTypes 1.2 — Tue, 15 May 2018 00:16 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — DDS-XTypes 1.3
  • Disposition Summary:

    Add the missing bullet to Section

    Add the missing bullet per issue description.

  • Updated: Tue, 8 Oct 2019 17:55 GMT