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CWM11 — Attribute.initialValue incorrectly implemented as mandatory.

  • Key: CWM11-88
  • Legacy Issue Number: 4475
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Adaptive ( Mr. Pete Rivett)
  • Summary:

    The XMI representation of the CWM metamodel does not implement the specification for the initialValue attribute of the Core.Attribute class: in the specification (section on p7-71) it clearly states the "multiplicity: zero or one"). However in the XMI file the lower bound is 1. Note: the lower bound of 0 is consistent with the UML metamodel.

    The impact is that,despite the DTD not being affected, XMI imports fail when any subclass of Attribute (see below IDL changes for a list) does not specify an initialValue Expression.

    This affects the XMI file, the Rose model, and the IDL. It does not affect the DTD since DTDs do not reflect attribute multiplicity.

    Proposed resolution: Update the CWM XMI file, document ad/01-02-03 to change the value of Core.Attribute.initialValue.multiplicity.lower from 1 to 0.

    Update the CWM Rose model, document ad/01-02-07 for attribute initialValue of Core:Attribute to change the value of the tag 'rose2mof.multiplicity' from "1" to "0..1".

    Update the following in the CWM IDL files, document ad/01-02-06: In core.idl change the declaration of Attribute and its class proxy to:

    typedef sequence<Expression> ExpressionBag; interface AttributeClass : StructuralFeatureClass

    { readonly attribute AttributeSet all_of_type_attribute; readonly attribute AttributeSet all_of_class_attribute; Attribute create_attribute ( in Core::Name name, in VisibilityKind visibility, in ScopeKindBag owner_scope, in ChangeableKind changeability, in MultiplicityBag multiplicity, in OrderingKindBag ordering, in ScopeKindBag target_scope, in ExpressionBag initial_value) raises (Reflective::MofError); }

    ; interface Attribute : AttributeClass, StructuralFeature

    { Expression initial_value () raises (Reflective::NotSet, Reflective::MofError); void set_initial_value (in Expression new_value) raises (Reflective::MofError); void unset_initial_value () raises (Reflective::MofError); }

    ; // end of interface Attribute

    And in the following files and the following class proxies change the initial_value parameter of the 'create_x' constructor to be of type Core::ExpressionBag rather than Core::Expression:

    Multidimensional.idl: DimensionedObjectClass Olap.idl: MeasureClass Record.idl: FieldClass, FixedOffsetFieldClass Relational.idl: ColumnClass CML.idl: XMLAttributeClass, ElementTypeReferenceClass, TextClass InformationReporting.idl: ReportAttribute DataTypes.idl : UnionMemberClass DataMining.idl: MiningAttributeClass, NumericAttributeClass, CategoricalAttributeClass, Ordinal,AttributeClass, ApplicationAttributeClass COBOLData.idl: COBOLFieldClass, RenamesClass DMSII.idl: DataItemClass, RemapItemClass ER.idl: ErAttributeClass Essbase.idl: AliasClass, CommentClass, ConsolidationClass, CurrencyConversionClass, DataStorageClass, FormulaClass, GenerationClass, ImmediateParentClass, LevelClass, MemberNameClass, TimeBalanceClass, TwoPassCalculationClass, UDAClass, VarianceReportingClass Express.idl: VariableClass, FormulaClass, ValueSetClass, RelationClass IMSDatabase.idl: ImsFieldClass, SenFieldClass.

  • Reported: CWM 1.0 — Mon, 6 Aug 2001 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — CWM 1.1
  • Disposition Summary:

    see below

  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:58 GMT