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CORBA3 — There is no way to modify a POA's ORT and append to it

  • Key: CORBA3-127
  • Legacy Issue Number: 4476
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Borland Software Corporation ( Vijaykumar Natarajan)
  • Summary:

    If I wish to register an ORF (ObjectReferenceFactory) as the current
    factory, there is no way for it to append to the current template. In
    other words, an updated factory can only replace the original but not
    say add another profile to the one the given POA would generate w/ the
    adapter template.

    As an inverse, there is no way for a POA to require or even request an
    ORF to include profiles that it deems fit.


    Add a parameter to make_object

    Object make_object( in string repositoryId, in ObjectId id,
    ObjectReferenceTemplate template);

    Add the following methods to ObjectReferenceTemplate

    abstract valuetype ObjectReferenceTemplate : ObjectReferenceFactory

    { readonly attribute ServerId server_id ; readonly attribute ORBId orb_id ; readonly attribute AdapterName adapter_name; ProfileSeq getProfiles(in string repositoryId, in ObjectId id); ComponentSeq getComponents(in IOP::ProfileId profile_id); }


    where ProfileSeq is defined as

    module IOP

    { typedef sequence <TaggedProfile> ProfileSeq; typedef sequence <TaggedComponent> ComponentSeq; }

    Add the following sections: getProfiles

    This returns the set of profiles that the POA would have generated using
    its default template. This can optionally be included in the generated
    [ED: This is independent of make_object, because make_object returns an
    object reference from which profiles would have to be extracted for
    inclusion] getComponents
    This returns set of components that would have been include in the
    profile with the id profile_id and allows the factory to choose to
    include those in the profiles that it generates.

  • Reported: CORBA 2.4.2 — Sun, 12 Aug 2001 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — CORBA 3.0.3
  • Disposition Summary:

    see above

  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:58 GMT