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CORBA24 — With reference to forward declarations of structs and unions.

  • Key: CORBA24-102
  • Legacy Issue Number: 3749
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: ICL ( Trevor Nash)
  • Summary:

    Clause 48 <constr_type_spec> in the syntax has been modified to include a choice <constr_forward_decl>. This does not in fact allow things like struct a; though that is the obvious intention. But it does allow bizarre stuff such as typedef struct a, array_of_a[100]; which IMHO should not be legal (I am not that keen on typedef struct a b

    I think this choice should be deleted from clause 48 and inserted in clause 42 <type_dcl> instead.

  • Reported: CORBA 2.3.1 — Sat, 8 Jul 2000 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — CORBA 2.4
  • Disposition Summary:

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  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:58 GMT