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BPMN21 — Wrong word used. And wrong page reference

  • Key: BPMN21-441
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Public servant at the Customs office ( Johan Clemmesen)
  • Summary:

    I believe I have found one small mistake in the BPMN specification 2.0, but it has two occurrences.

    The mistake is where the sentence states two times "business process runtime", that perhaps should be altered to "business process engine"?

    It is here:

    10.2.4 Human Interactions Tasks with Human involvement
    In many business workflows, human involvement is needed to complete certain Tasks specified in the workflow model.
    BPMN specifies two different types of Tasks with human involvement, the Manual Task and the User Task.
    A User Task is executed by and managed by a business process runtime. Attributes concerning the human involvement, like people assignments and UI rendering can be specified in great detail. A Manual Task is neither executed by nor managed by a business process runtime.

    Also on page 163.

    There is a wrong page referencelink, because it links to itself on page 163, where it should link to " Tasks with Human involvement" instead.

    "See “User Task” on page 163 within the larger section of “Human Interactions” for the details of User Tasks"

  • Reported: BPMN 2.0 — Wed, 6 Apr 2022 13:24 GMT
  • Updated: Wed, 6 Apr 2022 15:55 GMT