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BPMN21 — message and error ref in tOperation does not define the correct type name

  • Key: BPMN21-380
  • Legacy Issue Number: 19745
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Anonymous
  • Summary:

    In Table 8.66, the spec says the inMessageRef and outMessageRef should be type of Message, however, in the xml schema below (table 8.68), the element type of inMessageRef and outMessageRef is a QName, not Message. similar issue happens on errorRef as well. table 8.66 says errorRef type should be Error, but the schema defines its type to a QName.

  • Reported: BPMN 2.0 — Fri, 17 Apr 2015 04:00 GMT
  • Updated: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 19:41 GMT