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Third-party client not able to create bridge due missing channel information (CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ChannelID)

  • Key: NOTJMS-5
  • Status: open  
  • Source: FastDS ( Ulrich Berl)
  • Summary:

    Imagine the following use case:

    Server creates an EventChannel.
    This channel is registered in NameService using path <path/to/channel>.
    Client A resolves channel path <path/to/channel> using NameService and listens for events.

    Now third-party Client B wants to create a Channel->Jms bridge.
    Client B is able to resolve the channel path <path/to/channel> using NameService.
    BUT Client B cannot create a bridge as the ChannelID (for defining the ExternalEndpointConnector) is not available...

    Maybe as a workaround Client B can do a list() on the NameService, resolve each eventchannel-entry and compare the objects with them from EventChannelFactory (get_all_channels/get_event_channel) - but this seems to be expensive.

    So only the creator of an event channel has the information to create a bridge (ChannelID) - is this the desired behavior ?

    Actually for my implementation I adapted the ExternalEndpointConnector as follow (as I have to know the path in the jms message too):

    struct Channel

    { CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ChannelID channel_id; string channel_path; }


    union ExternalEndpointConnector switch (MessageType)

    { case JMS_MESSAGE: JMSDestination destination; //default: CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ChannelID channel_id; default: Channel channel; }


  • Reported: NOTJMS 1.0 — Tue, 6 Mar 2018 13:05 GMT
  • Updated: Fri, 6 Apr 2018 19:27 GMT