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SDRP — Configure & Query Property

  • Key: SDRP-79
  • Legacy Issue Number: 7985
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Raytheon ( Jerry Bickle)
  • Summary:

    1. Duplicate of configure and query property stereotypes in profile.
    These concepts are defined for SWRadio components, interfaces and
    communication equipment.
    2. Simplify the configure and query property definitions.
    3. Remove StructSequenceProperty and SimpleSequenceProperty. Not
    necessary since multiplicity can be used following the type for primitive
    and struct types.
    4. Allow for the capability to form a StructProperty as a class, which
    will allow a class to be used to form radio property definitions for

    Proposed Solutions
    8.1.2 Properties Section

    1. Define one ConfigureProperty Definition in section 8.1.2 Properties
    · Remove configquery item from the table 8-3 Interface & Port
    · Remove QueryProperty and ConfigureProperty subsections from Comm
    Equipment section 8.2.4 Property.
    · Move MaxLatency attribute from ConfigQueryProperty subsection to
    RadioProperty subsection in section 8.1.2. Update table 8-2 Properties
    Stereotypes in section 8.1.2 Properties with same change.
    · Rename ConfigQueryProperty subsection in 8.1.2 Properties to
    ConfigureProperty and the text description to be “The ConfigureProperty a
    type of RadioProperty indicates a configurable and queryable property.
    There are four types of ConfigureProperty, which are: primitive types,
    primitive sequence types, StructProperty, and StructSequenceProperty. These
    properties are described in the Base Types and the following subsections.”.
    Also update name change and columns in table 8-2 Properties Stereotypes to
    agree with definition. Make ConfigureProperty a concrete property type (not
    an abstract property type).
    · Replace the constraints listed in the constraints noheader section as
    i. The type for ConfigureProperty shall be constrained to be primitive
    types(), primitive sequence types (), or StructProperty.
    ii. The isReadOnly value shall be always set to false.

    · Remove ConfigureQuerySimpleProperty and ConfigureSimpleSeqProperty
    subsections from 8.1.2 Properties and from table 8-2 Properties
    · Move optional range and units attributes from SimpleProperty
    definition to the RadioProperty attributes definition.
    2. Add QueryProperty to section 8.1.2 Properties. Add a new row to table
    8-2 Properties Stereotypes (as defined below) and add a new subsection
    called QueryProperty in 8.1.2. Properties before RadioProperty as follows:
    The QueryProperty, a type of RadioProperty as shown in Table 8-2,
    provides the capability to define a read-only property that can be
    queried at run-time by a control command. It cannot be modified by a
    control command.
    i. The type for QueryProperty shall be constrained to be a primitive
    types (), primitive sequence types, StructProperty.
    ii. The isReadOnly value shall be always set to true
    3. Change StructProperty definition.
    · Make StructProperty stereotype an extension of UML Class metaclass
    instead of UML Property that provides the capability of defining structure
    property definitions.
    i. StructProperty Modifications
    i. Replace the description with “The StructProperty is a type that
    contains a list of SimpleProperty.
    ii. Change the multiplicity to “*” instead of “1..*” in attributes
    iii. Modify the Constraints section as follows:
    a. Replace first constraint with “Each attribute name must be unique
    within the StructProperty.”
    b. Add Constraint - Attributes can only be primitive data types and can
    be stereotyped as SimpleProperty.
    c. Remove existing second constraint.
    ii. Table 8-2 Properties Stereotypes in section 8.1.2 Modifications
    i. Properties Change the base class for StructProperty to Class
    ii. Place N/A in Parent Class Column.
    4. Remove StructSequenceProperty and SimpleSequenceProperty from section
    8.1.2 Properties.
    5. Change CharacteristicSetProperty to be constrained to the
    StructProperty type for its type. This allows any characteristic set to be
    expressed. Remove CharacteristicQualifiers and CharacteristicQualifier from
    types sections in CharacteristicSetProperty section
    6. Make CharacteristicSelectionProperty a type of SimpleProperty with
    multiple values since SimpleSequenceProperty is being removed.

    Other Proposed Solutions
    7. Update I/O Facilities to use the new Configure and Query Property
    8. Update Physical Layer Facilities to use the new Configure and Query
    Property Stereotypes.
    9. Update UML Profile for SWRadio to use the new Configure and Query
    Property Stereotypes.
    10. Update Transformation Rules in the PSM section

  • Reported: SDRP 1.0b1 — Thu, 16 Dec 2004 05:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — SDRP 1.0
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  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:53 GMT