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SDRP — TestProperty

  • Key: SDRP-78
  • Legacy Issue Number: 7984
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Raytheon ( Jerry Bickle)
  • Summary:

    1. Allow for the capability to form a TestProperty as a class, which
    will allow a class to be used to form radio property definitions for
    components. The current definition does not allow TestProperty definition
    outside of the component.

    Proposed Solutions
    8.1.2 Properties Section

    1. Create a new TestDefProperty stereotype an extension of UML Class
    metaclass that provides the capability of defining test property
    definitions. Add a TestDefProperty entry to the table 8-2 Properties
    Stereotypes in section 8.1.2 Properties that agrees with new definition in
    TestDefProperty section. Add a new section before TestProperty subsection
    in section 8.1.2 as follows:
    The TestDefProperty, a type of Class as shown in Table 8-2, provides
    the capability to define the input parameters for the test and the
    results that can be returned for a test.
    · inputValue: SimpleProperty [*]
    The inputValue attribute defines the input parameters for a
    test (e.g., TestableObject::runTest).
    · resultValue: SimpleProperty [1..*]
    The resultValue attribute defines the expected results returned
    from a test (e.g., TestableObject::runTest).
    · Each inputValue name shall be unique.
    · Each inputValue value shall be specified (not null).
    · Each resultValue name shall be unique.
    · Each resultValue value shall be specified (not null).
    2. For TestProperty in section remove the attributes section
    and from table 8-2 Properties Stereotypes. Add a constraints section in
    section with the following constraint:
    · The type for a TestProperty shall be a TestDefProperty.
    3. Update Transform Rules in PSM section of specification

    The following figure depicts the UML definitions
    (Embedded image moved to file: pic30106.jpg)

    (Embedded image moved to file: pic09040.jpg)

  • Reported: SDRP 1.0b1 — Thu, 16 Dec 2004 05:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — SDRP 1.0
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