1. OMG Issue

MOF14 — Incorrect return type for Assoc query operation

  • Key: MOF14-42
  • Legacy Issue Number: 3379
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: DSTC ( Stephen Crawley)
  • Summary:

    The description of the single ended Association query operation has
    (I think) the wrong return type for an "optional" association end.
    The operation can return either zero or one instances. This could
    be expressed as either the base type or a "bag" collection. The
    former is easier to use, and what the spec used to prescribe in MOF 1.1.
    However, the text of the template description [section 5-10-8 on page
    5-62] currently prescribes the latter.

    I think this is just a typo in MOF 1.3. However, it could be that the
    change was deliberate, and I've forgotten why we decided to make it.

    At any rate, the 1.3 mapping description now inconsistent with the IDL
    for the MOF Model in Appendix B. Examine the IDL interface for the
    "contains" Association. The "container" end has multiplicity [0..1]
    yet the "container(ModelElement)" operation returns a Namespace, not
    a NamespaceBag as the text of the mapping spec requires.

  • Reported: MOF 1.3 — Mon, 28 Feb 2000 05:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — MOF 1.4
  • Disposition Summary:

    duplicate close issue

  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:58 GMT