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DMN11 — Beta2 XSDs are broken

  • Key: DMN11-60
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Oracle ( Gary Hallmark)
  • Summary:

    Both dmn.xsd and dmn3.xsd at have problems. Two small issues prevent any use of dmn3.xsd. Four occurrences of type="tExpression" must be changed to type="tLiteralExpression" in dmn.xsd before it can be used to serialize decision tables and enumerations.

  • Reported: DMN 1.0 — Fri, 22 May 2015 17:54 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — DMN 1.1
  • Disposition Summary:

    correct 2 issues in dmn3.xsd and 1 issue (4 occurrences) in dmn.xsd

    Note that previous issue DMN11-91 has combined dmn3.xsd into dmn.xsd
    2 occurrences of type="tExpression" to type="tLiteralExpression" made by this issue, and
    2 occurrences of type="tExpression" to type="tUnaryTests" made for issue DMN11-81.

  • Updated: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 15:07 GMT