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CORBA23 — Proposal on floating point fixes

  • Key: CORBA23-222
  • Legacy Issue Number: 1667
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Anonymous
  • Summary:

    Summary: I"m preparing a proposal to "fix" fixed point types, but I"d like to
    outline what I am thinking before I have it completed, in order to give
    people a chance to comment.
    Michi has pointed out a few issues with the fixed point constant
    grammar, but I think I can resolve those pretty easily by making changes
    so that fixed point constants are only allowed to be defined using the

    const fixed FOO = 1.2D;

    Some people have expressed the idea that the fixed point type
    specification is lacking sufficient semantic content, and they are
    afraid that since different languages or even implementations of
    languages might do the math differently that portability or
    interoperability is affected. Frankly, I don"t see the problem as
    serious for the CORE RTF. In most cases, the fixed point type is mapped
    to the native fixed point facility of the language. If that isn"t
    sufficiently robust to support stuff like banking applications, the CORE
    RTF can"t do much to fix it anyway.

    For the C++ RTF:

    For the C++ binding, of course, things are broken. However, I think I
    may have a solution to the problem:

    First, define a new class CORBA::FixedValue which is used as the results
    of all of the Fixed arithmetic operations, as well as for the type for
    fixed point constants. FixedValue would store the digits and scale
    information dynamically. All of the defined fixed point types would be
    convertable from/to the FixedValue type, with the DATA_CONVERSION
    exception available to signal overflow.

    Second, get rid of the explicit reference to a template type. Since the
    grammar will be changed to no longer allow anonymous fixed point
    declarations (as parameter types), there is no longer a specific need to
    define the exact type name for the Fixed types, and in fact,
    implementations no longer must implement fixed as a template type.

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