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BPMN11 — Section: 9.3.4 Intermediate [Events]

  • Key: BPMN11-87
  • Legacy Issue Number: 10932
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  • Source: Cleverlance ( Peter Sur.├ík)
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    All the next five numbered points are BPMN Specification descriptions for Cancel Intermediate Event possible uses. TO SUMMARIZE EXECUTIVELY , text in the table 46 states that Cancel Intermediate MUST NOT be used when the Event is attached to the boundary of a Transaction WHILE text on pages 45, 47 and 60 and figure on page 60 indicate that Cancel Intermediate Event can be ONLY USED attached to the boundary of Sub-Process. I BELIEVE this is CRITICAL issue, because it establishes the completely opposite views and can possibly lead for example to rejection of valid BPMN diagram. 1) Text in chapter 9.3.4 Intermediate [Events] in table 9.9 on page 46 in the first row "Trigger" [attribute] in column Description states that "The Cancel Trigger MUST NOT be used when the Event is attached to the boundary of a Transaction or if the Event is not contained within a Process that is a Transaction." THE CORRECT SENTENCE should be "The Cancel Trigger MAY only be used when Event is attached to the boundary of a Sub-Process that is a Transaction." Read on... 2) At the same time, in chapter 9.4.3 Intermediate [Events] in Table 9.8 on page 45 is stated for Cancel Intermediate Event that "This type of Intermediate Event is used within a Transaction Sub-Process. This type of Event MUST be attached to the boundary of a Sub-Process. It SHALL be triggered if a Cancel End Event is reached within the Transaction Sub-Process. It also SHALL be triggered if a Transaction Protocol “Cancel” message has been received while the Transaction is being performed." 3) Text in the same chapter right below the table 9.9 in section "Activity Boundary Connections" on page 47 says, that "An Intermediate Event with a Cancel Trigger MAY be attached to a Sub-Process boundary only if the Transaction attribute of the Sub-Process is set to TRUE." 4) Except that, also in chapter 9.4.2 Sub-process in section "Sub-Process Behavior as a Transaction" on page 60 the indicates that "A Cancel Intermediate Event, attached to the boundary of the activity, will direct the flow after the Transaction has been rolled back and all compensation has been completed. The Cancel Intermediate Event can only be used when attached to the boundary of a Transaction activity. It cannot be used in any Normal Flow and cannot be attached to a non-Transaction activity." 5) Also the figure 9.11 on page 60 shows Cancel Intermediate Event attached to the boundary of Transaction Sub-Process.

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