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BMMF2 — Role Names

  • Key: BMMF2-18
  • Legacy Issue Number: 11282
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Rule ML Initiative ( John Hall)
  • Summary:

    The resolution for Issue 10090 proposed:
    · a convention for association names in the MOF model
    · dealing with role names as a separate issue
    This is that issue.
    Role names were proposed with resolution 10090 for associations whose instances are between instances of the same class, e.g. Enabling Course of Action enables Enabled Course of Action, Broader Business Policy is composed of More Specific Business Policy.
    For the rest, suggestions are welcomed.

  • Reported: BMM 1.0b2 — Mon, 13 Aug 2007 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — BMM 1.0
  • Disposition Summary:

    In resolution 10090, role names were proposed for associations whose instances are between instances of the same class, e.g. enabling course of action enables enabled course of action, broader business policy includes more specific business policy.
    For other associations, construct role names based on the class name and the verb phrase
    Revised Text:
    Add a new section at the end of Clause 9
    9.5 Mapping of SBVR Structured English fact types to UML role names
    In the BMM Concepts Catalog, role names are defined for fact types in which both roles are played by the same noun concept, e.g. broader business policy includes more specific business policy. They are used in the corresponding association names is the BMM UML/MOF model, and represented in CamelCase, except that the first letter is in lower case, e.g. broader business policy maps to broaderBusinessPolicy.
    For other fact types, UML role names have been constructed using the verb and the noun concept term, e.g. tactic implements strategy maps to the UML role names implementingTactic and implementedStrategy.
    The following table provides the complete mapping.
    Change notice: All role names have been changed so that they begin with lower case letters. This is not marked with a change bar, so that changes to individual entries are easily identifiable.

    BMM fact type in SBVR Structured English 'From' Role 'To' Role
    assessment affects achievement of end judgingAssessment affectedEnd
    assessment affects employment of means judgingAssessment affectedMeans
    assessment identifies potential impact identifyingAssessment identifiedPotentialImpact
    assessment is judgment of influencer judgingAssessment judgedInfluencer
    assessment provides impetus for directive motivatingAssessment motivatedDirective
    broader business policy includes more specific business policy broaderBusinessPolicy moreSpecificBusinessPolicy
    broader course of action includes more specific course of action broaderCourseOfAction moreSpecficCourseOfAction
    broader desired result includes more specific desired result broaderDesiredResult moreSpecficDesiredResult
    business policy governs business process governingBusinessPolicy governedBusinessProcess
    business policy is basis for business rule baseBusinessPolicy derivedBusinessRule
    business process realizes course of action realizingBusinessProcess realizedCourseOfAction
    business rule guides business process guidingBusinessRule guidedBusinessProcess
    course of action channels efforts towards desired result supportingCourseOfAction supportedDesiredResult
    directive acts as regulation regulatingDirective directiveRegulation
    directive governs course of action governingDirective governedCourseOfAction
    directive is source of course of action baseDirective derivedCourseOfAction
    directive supports achievement of desired result supportingDirective supportedDesiredResult
    enabling course of action enables enabled course of action enablingCourseOfAction enabledCourseOfAction
    goal amplifies vision amplifyingGoal amplifiedVision
    mission makes operative vision deliveringMIssion operativeVision
    objective quantifies goal quantifyingObjective quantifiedGoal
    organization unit defines end definingOrganizationUnit definedEnd
    organization unit establishes means establishingOrganizationUnit establishedMeans
    organization unit is responsible for business process responsibleOrganizationUnit managedBusinessProcess
    organization unit makes assessment assessingOrganizationUnit madeAssessment
    organization unit recognizes influencer recognizingOrganizationUnit recognizedInfluencer
    potential impact provides impetus for directive motivatingPotentialImpact motivatedDirective
    strategy determines organization unit determiningStrategy determinedOrganizationUnit
    strategy is a component of the plan for mission missionComponent plannedMission
    tactic effects enforcement level of business rule effectingTactic enforcedBusinessRule
    tactic implements strategy implementingTactic implementedStrategy

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