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BMMF2 — BMM: Kaplan-Norton Perspectives

  • Key: BMMF2-11
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  • Source: Essence Networks ( Nitish Verma)
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    I have been following progress of BRG and have incorporated several of their concepts in my work. I consider this a very important direction in Enterprise Architecture.
    I would like to propose that you consider the addition of Kaplan-Norton perspectives in the motivational model. The rationale for this is:
    · Encourage measurement of intangible assets: Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that grows intangible assets and in he minds of its customers, must explicitly model non-financial motivations together with financial ones.
    · Align with world standards in measurement of strategy/capability
    · By explicitly modeling Kaplan-Norton Perspectives this effort is more likely to gain support and recognition of international business measurement standards and best practices : Baldridge Criteria, for instance.
    This type of model can best succeed in an environment that encourages excellence and leadership. Incorporating Kaplan-Norton perspectives will provide that common paradigm for communicating this.
    · Balanced Scorecard models using Kaplan-Norton perspectives lend themselves to formal modeling of this nature.
    I recommend the core concept of 'VALUE' to model this.
    The introduction of 'VALUE' in this manner will facilitate 'value streaming' analysis: Porter et al, Lean Thinking etc.
    Recommendation from Dec 2005 BMI meeting was to leave this as an option for vendors to add to tools.
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