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Handling Unsupported Numeric Values like Infinity and NaN

  • Key: DDSJSON-1
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Real-Time Innovations ( Fernando Garcia-Aranda)
  • Summary:

    As stated in ECMA-404, JSON does not provide native representation for values like "Infinity", "-Infinity", and "NaN":

    Numeric values that cannot be represented as sequences of digits (such as Infinity and NaN) are not permitted.

    However, these are values that need to be handled by a JSON encoder and decoder. Therefore, we should provide a standard representation for such values so that all implementations of DDS-JSON can follow the same approach.

  • Reported: DDS-JSON 1.0a1 — Tue, 25 Feb 2020 11:55 GMT
  • Updated: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 14:27 GMT