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XTCE12 — At the Parameter element, initial values for Array or Aggregates may not be set.

  • Key: XTCE12-62
  • Legacy Issue Number: 17419
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: NASA ( Mr. James Kevin Rice)
  • Summary:

    At the Parameter element, initial values for Array or Aggregates may not be set. (It actually says this in the annotation.)

    Possible answers:

    4) Since Parameter's @initialValue is a string, I don't see why comma delimited and {} initializers can't be used similar to C, C++, Java, etc... these things should be pretty easy to parse. Of course some extra checking will be needed to make sure the list of items fits into the data type and perhaps there's some sticky cases to be considered which would all need to written up and documented which is probably why the annotation says its not supported in the first place.

  • Reported: XTCE 1.1 — Mon, 11 Jun 2012 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — XTCE 1.2
  • Disposition Summary:

    Propose to at least resolve this for aggregate members

    This resolution can build upon the refactoring already performed to improve the MemberList/Member element in the Aggregate type. Propose to add the missing @initialValue attribute.

    Update the new MemberType complexType to add this 1 attribute. Type shown below with attribute added:

    <complexType name="MemberType">
    <documentation xml:lang="en">Describe a member field in an AggregateDataType. Each member has a name and a type reference to a data type for the aggregate member name. If this aggregate is a Parameter aggregate, then the typeRef is a parameter type reference. If this aggregate is an Argument aggregate, then the typeRef is an argument type reference. References to an array data type is currently not supported. Circular references are not allowed. See MemberListType. AggregateParameterType and AggregateArgumentType.</documentation>
    <appinfo>ensure no circular references</appinfo>
    <extension base="xtce:NameDescriptionType">
    <attribute name="typeRef" type="xtce:NameReferenceType" use="required"/>
    <attribute name="initialValue" type="string" use="optional">
    <documentation xml:lang="en">Used to set the initial calibrated values of Parameters. Will overwrite an initial value defined for the ParameterType. For integer types base 10 (decimal) form is assumed unless: if proceeded by a 0b or 0B, value is in base two (binary form, if proceeded by a 0o or 0O, values is in base 8 (octal) form, or if proceeded by a 0x or 0X, value is in base 16 (hex) form. Floating point types may be specified in normal (100.0) or scientific (1.0e2) form. Time types are specified using the ISO 8601 formats described for XTCE time data types. Initial values for string types, may include C language style (\n, \t, \",
    , etc.) escape sequences.</documentation>
    <appinfo>The value type must match the Parameter type</appinfo>

  • Updated: Tue, 10 Jul 2018 14:22 GMT