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XMI12 — UML: Using public identifiers to denote DTDs

  • Key: XMI12-45
  • Legacy Issue Number: 4215
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Humboldt-Universitaet ( Martin von Loewis)
  • Summary:

    n order to exchange UML models by means of XMI, using an external DTD
    subset is common to avoid including the DTD into each document. Usage
    of SYSTEM identifiers should be avoided, since location of the DTD
    might vary between installations.

    To detect that a document is based on a well-known DTD (e.g. the XMI
    1.1 UML 1.4 DTD), a formal public identifier should be used. Since it
    is likely that OMG will need a number of public identifiers, it would
    be best if OMG could register an owner ID with ISO. With that, a
    DOCTYPE declaration could read

    <!DOCTYPE XMI PUBLIC "+//<omg>//DTD UML 1.4 XMI 1.1//EN">

    The procedure for registering public identifiers is defined in ISO
    9070; registration authority is ANSI (and delegated to
    GCA). Alternatively, an owner identifier can be derived through an ISO
    6523 organization identifier (authority is BSI), or using the Annex J
    IDN scheme.

  • Reported: XMI 1.1 — Thu, 1 Mar 2001 05:00 GMT
  • Updated: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 11:12 GMT