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  • Key: WSDL2C-18
  • Legacy Issue Number: 7744
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Anonymous
  • Summary:

    In the example:
    <portType name="Example.SomeInterface">
    <operation name="bar" parameterOrder="_target pi">
    <input message=""/>
    <output message="tns:Example.SomeInterface.barResponse"/>
    <fault message="_exception.Example.BadRecord"/>
    <fault message="_exception.Example.UnknownError"/>
    <fault message=¡±tns:CORBA.SystemException¡±/>
    Most of the WSDL2java tool will use element'name' as a parameter's name. So, on receiving the WSDL as above (page
    1-25), most WSDL2java tool will report an error in process for mapping WSDL to java.

    Proposed solution: Maybe we should add a 'name' attribute in the fault element. For example, consider the
    following IDL:
    module Example{
    exception BadRecord

    { String why; }

    Interface SomeInterface

    { Long bar(in float pi) raises(BadRecord),UnknownError }

    It should be mapped to:
    <portType name="example.SomeInterface">
    <operation name="bar" >
    <input message="" />
    <output message="tns:Example.SomeInterface.barResonse"/>
    <fault message="_exception.Wxample.BadRecord" name="badRecord"/>
    <fault message="_exception.Example.UnknownError" name="error"/>
    <fault message="tns:CORBA.SystemException" name="systemError"/>

  • Reported: WSDL2C 1.0b1 — Mon, 13 Sep 2004 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — WSDL2C 1.0
  • Disposition Summary:

    : Accept proposed change from source

  • Updated: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 04:08 GMT