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UPOS1151 — ElectronicValueRW - Method retrieveResultInformation - Missing tag descriptions

  • Key: UPOS1151-38
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Free Software Developer ( Martin Conrad)
  • Summary:

    There are three tables: The first one contains a list of all known tag names and a brief description of them, inclusive their types, the second table contains a list of types and their string formats and the third table contains a list of definitions and remarks for Enumerated type tags specified in the first table.
    Error 1: The tag CancelTransactionType is present in the third table, but not in the first table. A row for tag CancelTransactionType should be added to the first table. My recommendation:

    CancelTransactionType | The Enumerated number for the type of transaction cancellation.

    Error 2 and 3: For tags VOIDorRETURN and VoidTransactionType, no rows are present in the third table. In addition, no constants have been specified for the corresponding tags. I would recommend to specify two new rows in the third table:

    For VOIDorRETURN, if should contain two rows in columns "Definition" and "Remarks":

    Definition: EVRW_TAG_VR_VOID

    Remarks: Void


    Definition: EVRW_TAG_VR_RETURN

    Remarks: Return

    and for tag VoidTransactionType:

    Definition: EVRW_TAG_VTT_CASH

    Remarks: Cash



    Remarks: Exchanging Points

    Error 4: In the second table, the format of Enumerated values is specified as "One of the text character strings defined by each tag.". It is not clear what it means: Is it the string as specified in the UPOS manual (for example, "EVRW_TAG_AS_AUTHENTICATED" for the corresponding authentication state) or is it the value of the constant EVRW_TAG_AS_AUTHENTICATED, converted to a string (which is "1" in OPOS and JavaPOS environments)? I would recommend to change the text as follows: "One of the text character strings defined by each tag. For example, if tag equals AuthenticationStatus and the status equals EVRW_TAG_AS_AUTHENTICATED, the format of the string is "EVRW_TAG_AS_AUTHENTICATED". (or ..., the format of the string is the value of the constant specified by EVRW_TAG_AS_AUTHENTICATED, e.g "1").

  • Reported: UPOS 1.15 — Sun, 11 Jun 2023 14:55 GMT
  • Updated: Tue, 9 Jul 2024 00:52 GMT
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