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UPDMRTF — Some of text should be merged into the scope Clause 1.

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    Modified the scope and sections 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 replace the original sections with this text

    6.2.1 Intended Audience
    This specification will be of interest to end users, military, industrial and commercial, who expect to use this profile, and to tool vendors interested in developing tool support for the development of enterprise and system of systems architectures.
    Section 6.2.2 Organization of this specification
    DoDAF and MODAF are formally expressed as domain-specific meta-models known as the DoDAF Meta Model (DM2) and the MODAF Meta Model (M3) respectively, this provides the foundation for the UPDM domain metamodel and profile. There is also a set of viewpoints and views that address the concerns of a well-defined set of stakeholders. This specification organizes the presentation of the UPDM 2.1 abstract and concrete syntax around the meta-models, with effort made to establish a maximum set of common Core models and a minimum set of DoDAF DM2 or MODAF M3 specific models. Significant effort has also been made to continue to support the now over 50 viewpoints that can be derived from these meta-models as well as "user-defined views". This allows tool-vendors to specify views, based upon a common metamodel that are more applicable to industrial and commercial concerns than just military, it also ensures that the discussion is well-connected to the domain experts required to produce these views. (See Section 1.5 for a more detailed description.)"The rest of this document contains the technical content of this specification. As background for this specification, readers may wish to review the UML, OMG SysML, and SoaML specifications that complement this specification.

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