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UCM12 — fix problems in the XMI file of the UCM metamodel

  • Key: UCM12-13
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: THALES ( Thomas Vergnaud)
  • Summary:

    This issue corresponds to remarks from Pete Rivett regarding the XMI file of the UML metamodel.

    The namespace for UML is wrong xmlns:uml="http://www.eclipse.org/uml2/5.0.0/UML"

    Remove xmlns:ecore="http://www.eclipse.org/emf/2002/Ecore"
    And all eAnnotations (8)

    The package URI should conform to OMG’s standard URI="http://org.omg.ucm/1.0/metamodels/base/commons".
    It should be https://www.omg.org/spec/UCM/20190501/ucm_base.uml

    Since it’s a metamodel the topmost element should be the Package not the uml:Model

    The primitive types do not reference the standard ones:
    For example
    <type xmi:type="uml:PrimitiveType" href="pathmap://UML_LIBRARIES/UMLPrimitiveTypes.library.uml#String"/>

    The URI should be

    There should be no xmi:type or reference elements such as the above.
    There should be no xmi:version.

  • Reported: UCM 1.1 — Mon, 24 Jun 2019 14:30 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — UCM 1.2
  • Disposition Summary:

    fix conformity issues in the XMI metamodel file

    Fixed the problems the issue points out.

  • Updated: Tue, 8 Oct 2019 17:58 GMT
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