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UAF13 — Interoperability with UML and SysML elements

  • Key: UAF13-15
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Department of Navy ( James Ciarcia)
  • Summary:

    While UAFML is "intended to be relatively easy to implement for vendors who support UML 2.x and SysML 1.x", it is not as easy for organizations with existing UML 2.x and SysML 1.x models. Organizations are currently faced with adding UAF::Stereotypes to existing UML/SysML models (sometimes not possible for Configuration Management reasons), "copying" UML/SysML elements and adding UAF stereotypes, or not adopting UAF.
    I recommend providing a normative default mapping of some UML/SysML model elements without UAF:Stereotypes applied and/or a standard way of "copying" these elements.

    Specifically UML and SysML elements, by default, should be allowed to be used in place of Resources Stereotypes. This would mean some Constraints would need to be relaxed on Connectivity, Process, Constraint and other Dependency or metarelationship where the source or target or other role must be a Resource Stereotype.

    In addition or alternately, allow the SameAs relationship to explicitly allow the target end to not have to be a UAFElement.

    Also, allow SameAs to extend UML::Generalization as well as Dependency. While technically this makes the UAF source of the relationship a specialization, not exactly SameAs, it achieves the intent especially if the UAF element is not further constrained. It also then supports redefinition, subsetting and all other inherited properties that UML::classifiers get from being the source, specific metaproperty/role, of the generalization relationship.

  • Reported: UAF 1.2 — Fri, 14 Jan 2022 21:07 GMT
  • Updated: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 21:59 GMT