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TRANS13 — ots-rtf: TransactionFactory

  • Key: TRANS13-23
  • Legacy Issue Number: 2934
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Triodia Technologies Pty Ltd ( Michi Henning)
  • Summary:

    Page 10-21:

    A TransactionFactory is located using the FactoryFinder interface
    of the life cycle service and not by the resolve_initial_reference
    operation on the ORB interface defined in "Example Object Adapters"
    in Chapter 2 of the Common Object Request Broker: Architecture
    and Specification.

    There are a number of issues here:

    1) The section referred to here no longer exists.

    2) The life cycle is not an optional component of CORBA. Yet,
    it appears that OTS cannot be implemented without the Life Cycle

    3) Neither OTS nor the Life Cycle Service make a statement
    as to how I could obtain the FactoryFinder interface that I
    need to get the transaction factory. I therefore cannot
    write portable code.

    4) The OTS spec makes no statement as to, once I have obtained
    a factory finder, what factory name I should provide to the
    find_factories() operation in order to obtain a reference to the
    transaction factory, so it is impossible to write portable code.

    5) We already have resolve_initial_references to solve initial
    reference problem. Why use a factory finder for this then?
    In particular, resolve_initial_references("TransactionCurrent")
    is already in use to obtain a reference to the Current object,
    so why have two different mechanism for locating initial objects
    within the same service?

  • Reported: TRANS 1.1 — Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — TRANS 1.2
  • Disposition Summary:

    Remove the text that describes how to find the TransactionFactory in section 10.3.2.

  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 21:37 GMT