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SYSML16 — SysML primitive value types

  • Key: SYSML16-60
  • Legacy Issue Number: 15882
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Dassault Systemes ( Mr. Nerijus Jankevicius)
  • Summary:

    We have issues with SysML primitive value types - Real, Integer, Boolean, String etc.

    The problem is that these types are not inherited from corresponding UML primitive types - Real, Integer, Boolean, String.
    That means, UML tool can't understand, what kind of ValueSpecification should be created for values of properties typed by these value types.
    Should it be LiteralString or LiteralInteger or OpaqueExpression?
    Constraints can't check if slot values are compatible with property types, as it is not clear what kind of value specification it should be also.
    There are issues in parametrics solving also, as values must be compatible with property types.

    I think, SysML primitives must be directly inherited from UML primitives - Real subtype of UML Real, String subtype of UML String etc.

  • Reported: SysML 1.4 — Wed, 8 Dec 2010 05:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Deferred — SysML 1.6
  • Disposition Summary:


    Postponed to the next RTF

  • Updated: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 18:17 GMT