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OTS11 — InvocationPolicy - transactions only ?

  • Key: OTS11-28
  • Legacy Issue Number: 3983
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Hewlett-Packard ( Peter Furniss)
  • Summary:

    The current text isn't very clear that InvocationPolicy applies to
    invocations from clients in transactions. c.f. the following from Bill
    Binko (21 Sept, in a message correcting me)

    "However, with that clarification, I would also like it made clear that this
    has no effect when used in a non-transactional invocation. This could be
    done with a better name or clarification in the text (I don't care), but it
    should be made very clear that non-transactional servers cannot attempt to
    dictate whether or not routers can be used."

    However the text in 10.3.11 on InvocationPolicy doesn't mention that - but
    just says "The InvocationPolicy specifies which form of invocation
    is supported by the target object.", with no mention of applying only if
    there is an active transaction. It does have the paragraph "The
    InvocationPolicy component is significant only when transactions are used
    with CORBA messaging.", but that doesn't capture the restriction on two

    a) CORBA messaging isn't involved if it's a direct invocation from an active
    transaction, but InvocationPolicy certainly is important then (the tests
    against UNSHARED + REQUIRES for example);

    b) transactions are always used with routed invocations (TII), but
    InvocationPolicy won't be involved if there is no (user) transaction.

    In the text on what happens in detail (10.5.2), the section is titled
    "Client behavior when making transactional invocations", but the text
    doesn't make clear that the first table is (I believe) skipped completely if
    there is no current transaction.

    (Given what the messaging spec says about how the context and the old policy
    values interact, I'm not sure 10.5.2 corresponds, but I'll make that a
    separate issue. This one is just about InvocationPolicy and
    non-transactional invocations).

  • Reported: OTS 1.0b1 — Mon, 23 Oct 2000 04:00 GMT
  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:57 GMT