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ODM12 — Typos, grammatical errors, and style issues

  • Key: ODM12-11
  • Legacy Issue Number: 19279
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Institute for Defense Analyses ( Steven Wartik)
  • Summary:

    This is a bulk report of minor problems I've identified in the specification. The following is a CSV-format list that can be read by a spreadsheet application.


    38,"Section 10.2.6, Description, paragraph 1","""RFC3986"" should be ""RFC 3986"", consistent with ""RFC 3987"" in the same paragraph.",

    38,"Section 10.2.6, Description, paragraph 2","""RFC3986"" should be ""RFC 3986"".",

    38,"Section 10.2.5, Constraints, paragraph 1, sentence 2","""However, in any case"" is redundant.","Replace ""However, in any case,"" with ""However,""."

    44,"Section 10.5.2, Semantics, paragraph 2",The sentence beginning on the third line is run-in and the second part is incomplete.,"Change the sentence to ""Such features may in the future be provided to support, for example, more elaborate datatype conditions."""

    50,"Section 10.8, paragraph 1",Replace hyphen with dash in line 3.,

    50,"Section 10.8, paragraph 1",Missing comma.,"Change ""prefixes and URIs"" to ""prefixes and IRIs,""."

    51,Last paragraph,Missing period at end of sentence.,

    53,"Section 10.8.2, Description, paragraph 1","The article modifying ""IRI"" is incorrect.","Change ""a IRI"" to ""an IRI""."

    54,"Section 10.8.2, Constraints",Remove the quotation marks around [XMLNS].,

    56,"Section 10.8.8, Associations, bullet 1","Change ""NameSpace"" to ""Namespace"".
    Missing period at end of sentence.",

    73,"Section, Description, First paragraph",Missing period at end of last sentence.,

    77,"Section, Constraints, paragraph 1",Missing period at end of sentence.,

    82,"Section 11.5, title",Replace hyphen with dash.,

    83,"Section 11.6, paragraph 2",The first sentence is run-in.,"Change ""data values,"" to ""data values:""."

    173,"Section 14.2.5, paragraph 1","On the last line, replace ""classes,"" with ""classes"".",

    174,"Section, Description, paragraph 2, sentence 1",The use of passive voice reduces specificity.,"Change
    owl:Class is defined as a subclass of rdfs:Class.
    [OWL SS&FS] defines owl:Class as a subclass of rdfs:Class."

    199,"Section, Description, paragraph 1",The first sentence is missing a comma.,"Change ""in the profile"" to ""in the profile,""."

    207,"Section, Description, paragraph 1","The use of commas in the first sentence decreases readability: it's not immediately obvious how to read ""OWL properties"".","Change ""OWL properties"" to ""OWL, properties""."

    207,"Section, Stereotype and Base Class, paragraph 1",The first sentence is run-in.,"Change ""No stereotype,"" to ""No stereotype;""."

  • Reported: ODM 1.1 — Thu, 6 Mar 2014 05:00 GMT
  • Updated: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 23:05 GMT