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OCL25 — Issue nnnn: Japan PAS Ballot Comment 3 (ocl2-rtf)

  • Key: OCL25-25
  • Legacy Issue Number: 16126
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Fujitsu ( Tom Rutt)
  • Summary:

    Usage of upper/lower case letter is inconsistent with UML.
    For example, “Invariant”, “Precondition”, “Postcondition”, etc, in the text should be lower case letter. However, there are UML metamodel elements, such as “Classifier”.
    Especially, “collection type” in function flatten, p158, is lower case letter. If this is designated in lower case letter, it is difficult to understand the meaning of sentence. What about “collection type” L1 on 11.2.1? It is confusing whether those are metamodel elements or not.)
    It is required to be consistent with convention of UML upper case letter, since this standard is a family of UML, that is, it is required to use upper case letter only for UML/OCL Metamodel element.

  • Reported: OCL 2.1 — Wed, 20 Apr 2011 04:00 GMT
  • Updated: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 14:11 GMT