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OARIS21 — sensor_orientation_type is missing a rotation angle

  • Key: OARIS21-56
  • Status: open  
  • Source: RTX ( Dr. David Bainbridge)
  • Summary:

    The sensor orientation message reports the orientation of the sensor with two angles: azimuth and elevation. But to completely describe orientation, three angles are required. The missing angle is a rotation about the normal from the array. It can becalled a clocking angle. Using azimuth and elevation correspond to Cardan angles, which describe orientation as heading, elevation, and bank. The missing angle in this system is the bank angle. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler_angles

  • Reported: OARIS 2.0b2 — Wed, 27 Sep 2023 13:46 GMT
  • Updated: Wed, 17 Apr 2024 10:06 GMT