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MOF26 — Key Qualifiers Missing in MOF

  • Key: MOF26-18
  • Legacy Issue Number: 8695
  • Status: open  
  • Source: SAP SE ( Axel Uhl)
  • Summary:

    MOF has always lacked the capabilities to navigate an association
    qualified by the values of properties of the end to which to navigate.
    This has been a feature in UML since at least UML 1.3. When implementing
    MOF, this leads to the unpleasant effect that in order to pick elements
    from a collection returned from navigating a to-many association
    requires iterating over all elements returned and filtering for the ones
    meeting the desired criteria. The way MOF works, this makes it
    impossible to provide an efficient implementation that yet is

    Key qualifiers address exactly this issue. However, when the UML was
    split into infrastructure and superstructure, this valuable UML feature
    was placed into the superstructure, thus not being accessible by the MOF
    specification. MOF itself doesn't provide its own approach to qualified
    navigation either.

    A concrete example of why the current situation is less than optimal is
    the UML with its association between Namespace and NamedElement, using
    role names "ownedMember" and "namespace." When navigating to a member of
    a namespace with a particular name, one has to enumerate all elements
    owned by that namespace and compare its name with the name looked for.
    The effort scales with the number of elements contained by that
    namespace, and there is no way for a repository to provide an efficient
    implementation for that in a standard-compliant way.

    A fix for this problem would be to move the association from
    UML::Classes::AssociationClasses::Property to itself with properties
    named "qualifier" and "associationEnd" to
    InfrastructureLibrary::Core::Basic and connect it to
    InfrastructureLibrary::Core::Basic::Property instead. With this, MOF2
    could use this useful feature, and a language binding for MOF2 could use
    this to offer qualified navigation. Repository implementations may
    provide a naive implementation at least, whereas advanced repositories
    may use the opportunity to maintain internal index structures that
    facilitate performant qualified access.

    I don't know whether this changes anything in the way an issue is
    handled by the OMG, but I've already talked to several vendors, current
    MOF implementors and active OMG contributors (also see Cc list), and
    there is wide consensus that this would be a very helpful change.

  • Reported: MOF 1.4 — Mon, 11 Apr 2005 04:00 GMT
  • Updated: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 15:41 GMT