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MDMI_ — Handling purely syntactic fields

  • Key: MDMI_-148
  • Legacy Issue Number: 14146
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: SemantX, Inc. ( Mark Eisner)
  • Summary:

    The current specification does not adequately deal with Semantic Elements that are represented by a multi-field, complex datatype. While the current specification, in theory, could be used to provide a complete MessageSyntaxModel, the location and format languages would have to be unduly complex and non-standard. The MDMI specification should be enriched so that the components of a complex datatype, which are, by definition, purely syntactic, can be mapped.

  • Reported: MDMI 1.0b1 — Wed, 29 Jul 2009 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — MDMI 1.0b2
  • Disposition Summary:

    A modeled MDMI complex datatype is composed of classes, where the classes themselves can be complex datatypes or a class with a single valued simple datatype. Ultimately, all complex datatypes resolve to a set of simple datatypes that correspond to fields (or subfields) in a message format. Therefore, to accommodate Semantic Elements that are complex datatypes, a "fieldname" attribute will be added to the Node abstract class, which holds the name of the simple datatype class. For computational efficiency, a derived Boolean attribute is also added that says this node contains a syntactic element that is part of a complex datatype.

  • Updated: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 04:58 GMT