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ESSENCE — It is not clear what a customer area of concern is

  • Key: ESSENCE-148
  • Legacy Issue Number: 18765
  • Status: closed  
  • Source: Sparx Systems Pty Ltd ( Mr. J.D. Baker)
  • Summary:

    Specification: Essence – Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods (ad/2013-02-01)

    It is not clear what a customer area of concern is. In section 8.1.4 it appears that the customer area of concern includes stakeholders. In section 8.2 that statement is made that "Software engineering always involves at least on customer" which begs the question, what is a customer? Is it a set of stakeholders and opportunities? In that case it would be a customer are of concern. Is customer an alias for Customer Area of Concern?

    (From an evaluation comment by JD Baker.)

  • Reported: Essence 1.0b1 — Tue, 11 Jun 2013 04:00 GMT
  • Disposition: Resolved — Essence 1.0
  • Disposition Summary:

    Regardless of what a "customer" is, the area of concern is defined in 8.2.1 as "This area of concern contains everything to do with the actual use and exploitation of the software system to be produced." In the sentence "Software engineering always involved one customer", the colloquial sense of "customer" seems largely sufficient – i.e., there is always some intended consumer expected to actually "use and exploit" what the software engineering endeavor produces. However, perhaps a small clarification on what a customer is could be helpful.

  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:58 GMT