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DMNFTF — Definition of Authority Requirement

  • Key: DMNFTF-27
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  • Source: FICO ( Dr. Alan Fish)
  • Summary:

    From Ron Ross:

    In the glossary (p. 166), the definition of "Authority Requirement" reads "The dependency of a decision or business knowledge model on a knowledge source which provides a source of authority for the decision logic.".

    Figure 13, however, shows two Authority Requirement dependencies in which knowledge source is the dependent item. So Input Data and Decision can provide a source of authority for the knowledge source. This seems confirmed by the text under "b" at the bottom of p. 34.

    Point 1. The definition appears to need revision.

    Point 2. To say "Input Data and Decisions can provide sources of authority for analytic models." seems to me to be really stretching the English language. I've never heard anyone in either business or IT say something like that. Perhaps this is aimed at some Community I'm not familiar with? It seems like over reduction, or over abstraction, or over something, to me.



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    We agreed it is a duplicate of the other issue

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