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CPP13 — CORBA::release and CORBA::is_nil on POA_ptr

  • Key: CPP13-48
  • Legacy Issue Number: 3673
  • Status: open  
  • Source: Objective Interface Systems ( Mr. Bill Beckwith)
  • Summary:

    I believe that the CORBA::release and CORBA::is_nil
    functions that take a POA_ptr argument do not
    reference the proper scope:

    1.41.11 release and is_nil
    // C++
    namespace CORBA

    { ... void release(POA_ptr); ... Boolean is_nil(POA_ptr); ... }

    Should be:

    1.41.11 release and is_nil
    // C++
    namespace CORBA

    { ... void release(PortableServer::POA_ptr); ... Boolean is_nil(PortableServer::POA_ptr); ... }

    I don't see in the specification where the scope
    of POA_ptr is explicitly defined. But, I believe
    that the correct definition of POA_ptr is in the
    PortableServer namespace (i.e. the enclosing scope
    of the POA class).

    Then again I can't find anything in the specification
    that asserts that any Foo_ptr type must go in the
    immediately enclosing class or namespace containing
    the Foo type. :-/

    Also, if POA_ptr is in PortableServer when an ORB is
    mapping of modules to classes the definition of the
    above release and is_nil functions in the CORBA class
    will be impossible.

    So I feel compelled to ask:

    Do we really need to have release and is_nil functions
    for types outside of the CORBA module?

  • Reported: CPP 1.1 — Wed, 7 Jun 2000 04:00 GMT
  • Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 20:57 GMT